From Start to Finish…

LHR prides itself in offering a full range of “hands-on” hotel management services, spanning the entire hotel investment cycle.

Day-to-Day Operations & On-Site Experts

Properties managed by LHR consistently outperform hotels in their respective markets in both occupancy and average rate. According to data reviewed by Smith Travel Research, our hotels exceed both in penetration and in yield in our markets, and our staff are experts in bringing non-performing properties back to a competitive level. Our team’s hands-on, on-site management philosophy distinguishes us from other management companies and ensures that top management is personally involved in every project. Innovative management methods–the result of a synergy between effective operating systems, comprehensive marketing strategies and strong human resource programs–are consistent with our management philosophy. As a result, properties managed by LHR consistently achieve profitability levels higher than industry standards.

We have excellent access to all regions of the US and take pride in the fact that personal property visits are conducted by our Senior Management Team. On-going visits and interactions with regional staff provide assistance as needed to enhance the guests experience and to produce excellent bottom-line results.

Asset Management

We have vast knowledge of brand standards and industry specifications. Our programs are implemented to insure that we make the most of our available resources, increase revenues, decrease expenditures, increase profits and satisfy the needs of our customers by providing quality hotel products.

Consulting Services

LHR has the industry knowledge and resources to conduct market feasibility studies and to identify viable hotel opportunities. Ultimately, we identify the most appropriate hotel product, brand and size based upon our analysis. With experience in all aspects of hotel and restaurant management, including extensive operations, sales and catering experience, we can advise existing properties about development and execution of profitable business plans. We also serve as expert witnesses and are available to consult with attorneys for case validation, depositions, and trial appearances. We have experience in contract law, premises liability, dram shop and employment practices liability.

 Expert Witnesses

  • Ownership/management disputes
  • Franchisor/franchisee disputes brand defense disputes
  • Disputes involving market feasibility
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Appraisals
  • Valuations
  • Security issues resulting in theft
  • Personal injury and/or wrongful death
  • Contract interpretation and negotiation disputes
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Eminent domain takings
  • Bankruptcy and/or foreclosure issues
  • Real estate tax appeals and zoning issues
  • Management Expert Witness Consulting

We serve hotel, resort, restaurant, bar and nightclub and special events

LHR Hospitality expert witnesses have wide-ranging experience in areas likely to become sources of litigation such as:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Valuation and Feasibility
  • Lost Income
  • Contract Disputes
  • Operations and Management
  • Maintenance and Facility Upkeep
  • Construction
  • Safety and Security
  • Alcoholic Beverage and Food Safety
  • Labor Issues
  • Employee Wage, Training, Supervision
  • And more

Hotel Legal Expert Consulting

LHR Hospitality Expert Witnesses are available to be engaged by defendants as well as plaintiffs. They have a depth of experience and knowledge of all areas of the hotel, resort and foodservice industries. Our Hospitality Expert Witnesses are excellent resources for developing policies and procedures. They are also able to establish training programs that can and will protect you when an instance of litigation arises. These protections can help to limit liability, or even result in case dismissals.

Development & Construction

Whether you are building a new property or re-positioning an existing one, LHR has a proven track record of identifying economically viable hotel and restaurant opportunities which are profitable for both investors and the company. We have the ability and the experience to handle all phases of construction. We address zoning and financing issues, develop blueprints and interior design, and manage all elements of construction for new hotels or for the renovation of existing hotels.

Receivership Services

LHR has a history of working as receiver with lenders of distressed assets. LHR provides the following complete receivership services: Review Period, Initial Court Appearance, Receiver Services at the Property, Post-Takeover Services, Reporting, and Ongoing Court Appearances. Through our experience with both legal and financial institutions, we are well positioned to handle the receivership of any hotel asset. We are able to respond on short notice and will ensure a smooth process. Our main goal of hotel receivership is to secure and stabilize a hotel to protect the value of the asset. This is accomplished by making management and other necessary physical and operational changes to improve the asset’s profitability and cash flow, thereby increasing the property’s value.

Pre-Opening Management

LHR is equipped to handle all pre-opening phases of a new hotel, from architecture and construction to furniture, fixtures and equipment. With our experience in opening new hotel properties, rest assured of a smooth opening. We will recruit your management team, handle all pre-opening sales efforts to insure that the hotel is positioned correctly in the market place and oversee advance bookings so when the hotel opens, it hits the ground running.

Financial Services

LHR’s centralized accounting structure and uniform procedures result in effective cost control as well as accurate, timely and reliable financial reports. This ultimately drives an increase in net income for each property. Our commitment to develop accurate operating forecasts, cash flow projections, and capital expenditure plans enables each owner to make timely and well informed investment decisions. Our team comforms to our established and strong internal controls. We interpret and consolidate financial information to ensure that our hotels are operating cost effectively and profitably. LHR also offers third-party, independent hotel auditing services.

Centrally Located

LHR is headquarterd in Saint Paul, Minnesota with access to all regions of the US. Our staff have been affiliated with more than 300 national and international hotels, giving us a global perspective and a local focus. We take pride in the fact that our Senior Management team members conduct personal property visits regularly. We interact with regional staff through on-going visits, video conferencing, and telephone. This allows us to provide guidance and oversight which serves to enhance the experience of every guest.


Our knowledge of brand standards and specifications and our network of procurement companies from design to architecture means that each renovation is postured to compete in the market place and that each design is timeless. We have excellent experience in the area of renovation from both the financial and design sides, ensuring that each project is completed at or under budget.

Sales & Marketing

Our company’s sales and marketing executives are uniquely qualified to help each property reach its sales goals. We each have academic backgrounds in hospitality marketing and many years of direct experience in the hotel and time-share industry. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in our support of comprehensive training programs that are based on our belief that every hotel employee must be sales-oriented. Personnel in all facets of a property’s operations receive extensive training on how to “sell” their property and its products.

At the core of our comprehensive sales and marketing plan for each property is a sales strategy that distinguishes us from other management companies. The plan, developed with the input and cooperation of the General Manager, includes an evaluation of market competition and of property strengths and weaknesses. Each hotel benefits from marketing strategies that are people-oriented, measurable and effective. By creating a finely-tuned mix of occupancy and average room rate, our sales and marketing staff focuses on building gross operating profit. We also promote strong community relations and do not take lightly our commitment to civic responsibility within each marketplace. Our sales teams constantly monitor and evaluate industry trends and market demands, allowing us to respond quickly to fluctuations.

Our Focus is Our Proven Success

  • Task Force Approach: A strong tactical system to build qualified businesses

  • Team Expertise: Experienced people with a proactive stance with each asset – to anticipate trends, opportunities and challenges before they happen

  • Accessible: Hands-on regional involvement; building trust and confidence with owners

  • Innovative Sales & Marketing: Implement creative programs and proven sales techniques

  • Cost Control & Timely Reporting: Assure the effective operation of all hotel departments and facilities so that profits are achieved through both revenue enhancement and expense control

  • Get More from the Franchise: Maximize value through brand services and programs

  • Guest & Public Relations: Pursue services and strategies that build high levels of guest loyalty and strong community relations

  • Reporting Systems: Deploy customized systems and controls that produce regular and accurate information for financial evaluation and dynamic decision-making