Our Culture

Revenue and Sales driven for any asset type, size and location.

Diverse portfolio management and experience to drive performance at all hospitality assets.

Asset Management from development to asset sale building consistent value throughout.

Experience and strong relationships throughout the industry with customers, vendors, lending institutions and brand families.

Founded in 2001, the LHR Hospitality team has worked together for many years.  LHR has mainly focused its hospitality and asset management in the Midwest but has managed assets throughout the US.  Built from the ground up our culture and associate focused platforms keeps our company consistently relevant. LHR has developed from the ground up, re-positioned and re-flagged assets and a proven track record improving operating results and increasing asset values.   As an owner operators, we know how to step into the shoes of owners to meet their short and long term goals.

Our Inner and Outer CORE

With offices in Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN we are a hospitality management company who is in-tune with our passion and optimistic about all possibilities.

Strong relationships and years of experience with all major brands

In Depth understanding of independent hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment venues and conference centers

Success in multitudes of markets from major city centers to small outlying destination markets

Highly revenue and sales driven with experiential customer focus

Entrepreneurial throughout from the corporate office to the field, we don’t just encourage it, we demand it.

LHR is associate focused with a genuine interest in providing an environment for both professional and personal growth

Results oriented, accountability always, but we also strongly believe in having fun and fulfilling work environment that provides energy and creativity.

Change is good and necessary, we should never stop reinventing ourselves

Balance in life with work, family and civic responsibilities is not just important, it is mandatory.

Guiding Principles

  • Enter everyday with Gratitude and Humility

  • Volunteer in your Community and step forward with Kindness

  • Never turn away from fear and try new things

  • Make sure to Fail Big and Fail Fast

  • Lead by example and don’t underestimate the art of Listening

  • Focus on what is Important not urgent

  • Communicate clearly, give feedback openly and always be honest

  • Be responsive and always do what you say your going to do

  • None of us are as good as All of US

  • Celebrate Success Together

  • Never stop having fun and see people for who they are not who you want them to be